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About FactorFox Software

Writing helped build our software

Some people are interested in becoming factors but have little or no experience in the industry. Unless you have worked for a factoring company and are familiar with normal factoring practices, we highly recommend you learn as much about being a factor as you can before beginning a factoring business and using FactorFox. Dash Point Publishing provides many books, ebooks, and other resources to help people new to factoring learn many key aspects of the business.

In addition to books and ebooks, the site provides legal document templates, an ROI spreadsheet calculator, and several bundles of products at discounted prices — all to get you started on the right foot. Reading these materials can help you not only avoid mistakes simply made from inexperience, but understand why FactorFox is organized the way it is.

You will then find learning and using the program to be even easier. Reading these materials can help you not only avoid mistakes simply made from inexperience, but understand why FactorFox is organized the way it is. You’ll then find learning and using the program to be easier.


“This complete how-to manual provides everything the beginning factor or private investor needs to know to start buying accounts receivable of small companies.”

The first factoring cloud software company

FactorFox Software was the first factoring cloud software company when the cloud was in its infancy. It started as software run on a server, and over time evolved to an actual software application compiled on a server farm and distributed over a private network. As technology improved and web browsers became more sophisticated, our company grew too. We partnered with strategic companies like RackSpace for our hosting and Iron Mountain as our software escrow company. We understand your data is extremely important and we take many steps to make sure you’re protected.

FactorFox Software, LLC was started in 2002 by Jeff Callender, a factor with many years’ experience buying receivables, and Robert Vasquez, a programmer who also had worked in the accounting field. The first two years were spent developing the concept, then coding and writing the first ever web-native factoring software platform. That product was released in 2004 and has matured steadily since. With factoring companies throughout the world using the product, FactorFox has become a leader in the factoring software industry. With subscribing customers ranging from one-person shops to complete franchises, FactorFox continues to attract businesses to its solution — both startups as well as those who have factored for years.

Why the attraction? It is both affordable and robust. It has many features that other platforms costing much more lack. Its support staff answer chat calls quickly, professionally, and have a sound knowledge of the product. And the list goes on. If you’re looking for factoring software done right, you’ve come to the right place! To learn more, click on the blue contact tab at the bottom of this page, then take a free test drive using the complete product for 30 or 60 days.

FactorFox leadership team

Since we started our company, our philosophy has always been to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We answer all of our customer’s questions personally over chat, phone or online meetings. Jeff and Robert have been working together for over 15 years. Many of our customers have been with us over 10 years. Most of our development and technical support team have worked with FactorFox Software over 8 years.


Robert Vasquez

Robert Vasquez, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of FactorFox Software has an extensive background in accounting, business technology, and management information systems. He’s worked as a financial controller and director of information technologies at various firms and received his B.S. from Nova Southeastern University, Wayne Huizenga School of Business. Robert stands at the forefront of fast-moving technology trends and cloud services for the factoring industry. Always a visionary, he saw software moving to the cloud and began building FactorFox with Jeff in 2002, helping pioneer FactorFox as the leading cloud-based software in the factoring industry. He continues to champion this vision by constantly innovating features for large multifaceted enterprise solutions.


Atul Yadav

Atul Kumar Yadav, Chief Technology Officer is the leading FactorFox innovator. He has over 10 years of experience creating and managing large-scale cloud and mobile platforms. As a member of the management team, Atul provides the FactorFox long-term software technology roadmap, platforms, and architectures. He works closely with the FactorFox software development team and collaborates with our software partners to help align our technology with our overall strategy and corporate development priorities. Atul is a certified Microsoft and ASP.Net developer and continues to work with Microsoft technologies full-time. Atul received his Master of science from South State University in Russia.


Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones, Technical Support Manager has been managing customer service teams for over 20 years. Prior to joining FactorFox in 2012 Nicole worked for Raymond James Financial developing closed-end fund and research data and provided technical support for brokers and analysts. She has also been responsible for editing and publishing Jeff’s books on factoring, giving her keen insight to both what factors need in their software, as well as the realities of day-to-day operations of a factoring business. Nicole’s drive, passion, analytical mind, and warm, personable manner make her ideally suited for both helping customers directly, as well as heading our technical support team.


Arlen Tejada

Arlen Tejada, Financial Controller has a background in finance, accounting, and psychology. She received her B.A. from Florida International University in Finance with a minor in psychology and has worked in accounting. Born and raised in Nicaragua, Arlen is also in charge of our Latin American division. She manages the company’s financial transactions, works closely with Spanish-speaking customers, and provides translation for our software and website. Arlen is appreciated for her clarity in financial record keeping and her passion for building new markets overseas.