Fantastic Customer Support

Unmatched Support

We pride ourselves on our support which is unmatched among factoring software providers. Our customer support is provided both during your trial period and the entire time you are a subscriber. Support includes three free online training sessions of up to 60 minutes each (at your office via GoToMeeting — not at a distant location). We also provide unlimited free live Chat Support (using the Chat icon like the one above next to the menu) and tickets. If needed, we may call you in response to a chat, ticket or email, at no charge.

Online Training

With commonly available technology, you don’t need to send someone to attend a training course thousands of miles from your office. That’s a waste of your time and adds to the cost of other software packages. Three free initial FactorFox Training Sessions are provided online via GoToMeeting

Leveraging Training

The best use of your training time is to include everyone who will be using the database, including the boss and all entry people. This helps eliminate the need to purchase extra training hours later.

What to Expect

Once we receive your registration and your database is created we will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the first training. Plan for 60 minutes per session. You will be given your login information at the time of your first training session.

Training Sessions

After our training specialist provides an overview of the program, he or she will walk you through the basic entries to get you started. We want to be sure you make a few key entries correctly; if you just start using FactorFox without this free walk-through, you may make errors that could require you to re-enter your work later. We want you to make the best use of your time and ours.

Additional Training

After your three hours of free training, most people are able to use the software on their own (chat support and user tutorials are provided within the software). However, if you want more one-to-one live training, this can be obtained if needed for $125 per hour, or in a block of 3 hours for $295.