"Our customers drive our innovation, imagination, and inspire us!" - Robert Vasquez, CEO

Next Generation of
Factoring Software!

Our customers drive our innovation and imagination continually inspiring us to find solutions to meet their challenges.

Client Mobile Application

Business is done on the run, and we don’t always have time to go to our computer or laptop. We optimized FactorFox Software allowing your clients to submit invoices, supporting documents, and manage their accounts right from their mobile phones. Clients can sign and assign invoices from anywhere.

The #1 Cloud Invoice
Software Since 2004

Beautifully designed, simple to use, user friendly, and powerful for
any size factoring firm.

Cloud based software for Factors and Clients.

Automate data flow and stremline accounting.

Access from anywhere based on security and permissons.

Fantastic support, training, includes software upgrades.

Over 200
online reports
and graphs.

Branded Prepaid Cards

Empower Clients with PayPal

Now your clients can get paid same day without working about cutoff times to fund. FactorFox’s intelligent funding gets your clients paid same day within 20 minutes, and funding is available 24/7/365 days in the year. PayPal’s no banking hours means your clients can scale their business growth. Biggest advantage, your client’s prepaid card is not limited to fuel only and offer many of the same benefits as a fuel card.

Automated Document Processing

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Manual document processing drives costs and inefficiencies in organizations. Our deep learning technology automates complex processing task to make back offices efficient. FactorFox trusted platform make it easy for clients to upload supporting invoice documents to get paid quicker. Automate and streamline invoicing for your clients, save time, labor, mitigate risk and reduce fraud while scaling your business. Reduce data entry by over 80% using our automated document processing and AI platform.

Participation Crowd Funding

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Participate on the FactorFox marketplace. FactorFox customers have been fostering businesses worldwide becoming the backbone of many industries like transportation. Just in the US alone there are nearly 6 million businesses with the majority struggling to access capital. This need fueled factoring and FinTech; like any resource factors cannot fund everyone alone; however, working together pulling financial resources is a win for factors and businesses looking for funding.

Industry Partners

FactorFox Easy Integrations
To help mitigate risk and automate fraud detection, we partnered up with industry leaders and fully integrated their services within the FactorFox platform. This allows our factors to work from a single platform without having to login to multiple places. We work with our partners to help build applications and services that solve big problems in the factoring industry. We select partners for their ability to deliver business critical needs to our factors while accelerating the value of our platform.

Financial Solutions

Banking Integrations Available
Reduce data entry labor and erroneous errors by 85% using automated systems within the FactorFox platform. We build NACHA files for many bank institutions to fund clients faster and accurately. Stay competitive and innovative as clients are looking on their factors to provide integrated digital financial solutions. Join FactorFox and help build the future of financial factoring services.

Accounting General

Platinum Account Financial Integrations
Our integrated general ledger was built to work with any accounting solution that offers an API or accepts flat files. Streamline operations for you and your clients with integrated software solutions. An integrated accounting platform is an easy way to boost your company’s productivity and reduce data entry.


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