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FactorFox is Intelligent Factoring

We’ve revolutionized automated document processing.Manual document processing drives costs and inefficiencies in organizations. Our deep learning technology automates complex processing task to make back offices efficient.

FactorFox’s trusted platform makes it easy for clients to upload supporting invoice documents to get paid quicker. Automate and streamline invoicing for your clients. Save time and labor, while mitigating risk and reducing fraud while scaling your business. Reduce data entry by over 80% using our automated document processing and AI platform.

With the FactorFox app or FactorFox API, your clients can use their cell phone to automatically capture the best quality image suitable for back-end processing which allows them to process documents relating to their trade with ease.
Intelligent Factoring recognizes text from a static image or from the camera preview.FactorFox will then use supporting documents to create an invoice, pull credit, verify the invoice from the debtor, and fund the client.