Websites ready for the web

Here’s how we work our magic. It’s straight forward and it works well. We offer a full solution from web host on our RackSpace servers, to website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to monthly maintenance. The process is outlined below:

  • Overview

    Our interview process begins with questions to nail down the reasons why you need a new website or want to change your current website. Getting to know you and your business is the only way to convey your vision to our development team. You’re in a competitive niche finance market and we need to make sure you standout. If our questions force you to think, then we’re doing our job.

  • Sitemap

    After the interview process, we’ll begin to work on your sitemap to insure we get every page needed to communicate to your customer. This visual layout will allow us together to streamline your website. Here’s a sample sitemap to give you that visual we all appreciate.

  • Staging

    I can paint you a pretty image out of thin air and hope you’re visualizing what I’m telling you, but that’s not very efficient and leads to miscommunication; instead, I’m going to show you an interactive prototype to show you how it will work. It won’t be pretty, just functional to make sure we’re visualizing the same thing. Here is an example of one.

  • Color

    Time to live in color! We begin to design your website with pictures, text, call to action, forms, and insure you site is responsive on desktop and mobile devices. Look at one of the websites fully designed.

  • Launch

    Time to go live and let the virtual world know we’re alive and kicking! We’ll set a go live date and a couple of weeks before going live, we’ll make sure everything is tested and firing on all cylinders.

  • SEO

    Your website will be optimized for search engines to start calling out to your customers. We’ll make sure your site gets a healthy start from the moment you go live. If you need a search engine optimization plan, click here to learn more.

  • Maintenance

    It’s not the end, it’s just the beginning. We want to be part of your team to host, manage and maintain your website. Keeping a healthy website means; updating themes, plugins, and WordPress core files. This regular maintenance will keep your site secure and operational.