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Low Entry Cost

No contracts, hidden fees, or setup costs. You don’t have to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands with costly setup to have powerful and reliable software at your fingertips. There are no forced yearly contacts or commitments signed in blood. With FactorFox Software,  pay monthly and use the rest of your capital to purchase invoices and increase profits!

Cloud Collaboration

Give your staff and clients the opportunity to work from anywhere and any time, entering and viewing data, and collaborating through the cloud. Clients have 24/7/365 access to upload invoices, check advances and rebates, and run numerous reports. With approval from the factor, clients can run debtor credit checks before submitting a debtor for factoring. Set alerts for you and your clients to insure timely communication.

Fanatical Support

We pride ourselves on fanatical support making sure we’re available online, on the phone, through GoToMeeting, and email — because substandard support just isn’t good enough anymore. Access to our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is included with your subscription: you don’t pay extra for it. We want to build long and lasting relationships with out customers and will not nickle and dime you. Our dashboard keeps you informed of regular updates which are also included in your subscription. You don’t pay extra for required upgrades with FactorFox.

Raving Fans
  • Great facilitation by Factor Fox!  We have been using Factor Fox for more than 4 years now.  They make it easy for us to certify that everything runs smoothly. Professional, Helpful, and Active listeners to understanding our requirements, able to implement when requested.

    Raj Parikh
    Parikh Financial, LLC
    Houston, TX
  • With its early warning fraud detection, FactorFox saved me $6,000 from a client who was about to defraud me.

    Amanda Nelson
    Vision Factoring, LLC
    Bruneau, ID
  • My clients like having online, real-time access to their account. The software has allowed me to take my business to the next level with very little monthly expense.

    Kim Deveney
    American Funding Solutions
    Blue Springs, MO
  • I am sold on this software! It is an excellent administrative system, saving a lot of time that can be better spent acquiring business.

    Tony Neglia
    Stonebridge Financial Svcs.
    Brentwood, TN
  • FactorFox is user friendly – and so is its staff!

    Nick Pipilas
    Saint John Capital
    Greater Chicago Area
  • Besides tracking our everyday factoring transactions flawlessly, the web based reports are fantastic. It allows my clients to receive up to date, online reporting with the information they need. Thank you for being such a tremendous asset to my business!

    Don D’Ambrosio
    Oxygen Funding, Inc.
    Lake Forest, CA
  • FactorFox is worth its weight in gold. I could not function without it nor could I function on any other platform.

    Craig Gross
    Factor King
    Hauppauge, NY
Invoice Factoring Software

Before purchasing software think about this...

Very few companies take the time to actually determine the cost over time when implementing technology decisions without estimating the total cost of ownership rendering the return on investment meaningless. This is particularly true when factoring companies decide to use a cloud based software provider or an off the shelf in-house system. An in-house software system often involves hidden costs that are not surfaced until after spending thousands of dollars. Contact us to learn more.

Key Software Features

  • Full invoice life cycle
  • Term schedule wizard
  • Secondary escrow
  • Terminology
  • CRM
  • Early fraud detection
  • Free credit reporting
  • Participation
  • Mail merge
  • Portfolio management
  • Buyout
  • Over 100 reports and graphs

Contact us to learn more.

Rich Software Features

FactorFox software offers robust features for the Factor, staff and client. Track the full life cycle of invcoies purchased, run analytical reports, setup permissions for staff and clients to access their data, participate in the largest factors collabortive network,including a CRM, and unmatched customer support.


Free Training and Support

Getting started quickly is what our software is all about. As a factor, you need a software application that is powerful, intuitive and has a short learning curve. To make sure you’re off and running, we offer a 3 hour training session done over 3 days online. Most of our factors are fully functional after the 2nd hour of training.

Client, Staff, Consultant Logins

Your time is valuable and you need to focus your time on client relationships and purchasing invoices not fielding calls to answer questions that can easily be accessed online. With FactorFox, your clients, staff, and consultants can login to their own secure site to access their data as needed.

Customization and Scalability

Not all factors work the same way and having flexibility without breaking the bank is imperative to be able to streamline operations. Our shared version offers some flexibility while our enterprise version allows you to build a system that works the way you work! Most enterprise systems can costs tens of thousands of dollars on the low end. Money that’s better served buying invoices.

Audited Security

We understand security on the cloud is important; for that reason, we have partnered up with RackSpace to manage our hosting, security and managed information technology services. Rackspace Hosting Security is a powerful, fully integrated portfolio of services, managed devices and best practices — all designed to ensure the highest levels of security for our factors and their clients data.

Disaster Recovery

  • 3-tier, self-contained, PCI-capable hybrid (cloud + virtualization + dedicated) architecture
  • DNS Failover from RackSpace’s trusted partner, Neustar® and their SiteBacker service
  • Database Replication employs asynchronous transnational replication


Early Fraud Detection

FactorFox software is the only factoring software that can detect early fraud detection using our network of FactorFox users. An important early step in fraud detection is to identify clients that are trying to factor invoices with more than one Factor. Our network web of factors have caught several clients trying to defraud factors only to get caught before the UCC is filed. Call us to learn more about our early fraud detection.

24 Hour Access

Access FactorFox software 24 hours a day and 7 days a week all year long from anywhere. Empower you clients to securely access their own data, reports, submit and upload invoices on a schedule. Let your clients upload invoices and customers form a spreadsheet. Staff members can collaborate with their own clients and work together in a centralized environment with real-time data.


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Try it now FREE for 30 days!

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Unmatched Guarantee

We are confident FactorFox will meet your account tracking needs on both a day-to-day and long-term basis.That means you’re never “locked in” to using FactorFox for a period of time longer than your current subscription.

IFA Preferred Vendor

We’re endorsed by the International Factoring Association. Plus IFA members get a 60 day free trial of the version of their choice.FactorFox has the distinction of being a Preferred Vendor of the International Factoring Association.

30 - 60 Day Free Trial

Begin your free trial today. IFA members get a 60 day free trial. Please be an IFA member prior to filling in the form or before the standard 30 day trial ends. Three one-hour training sessions are included. Click on the link below to get started today!