The #1 Cloud-Based Factoring Software

Low Entry Cost

No long-term contracts, hidden fees, or setup costs. You don’t have to pay thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for costly setup to have powerful and reliable software at your fingertips. There are no forced yearly contacts or commitments signed in blood. With FactorFox Software,  just pay monthly and use the rest of your capital to purchase invoices and increase profits!

Cloud Collaboration

Give your staff and clients the opportunity to work from anywhere and any time, entering and viewing data, and collaborating through the cloud. Clients have 24/7/365 access to upload invoices, check advances and rebates, and run numerous reports. With approval from the factor, clients can run debtor credit checks before submitting a debtor for factoring.

Fantastic Support

We pride ourselves on fanatical support making sure we’re available online, on the phone, through GoToMeeting, and email because substandard support is not what we’re about. Access to our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is included with your subscription: you DON’T pay extra for it. We want to build long and lasting relationships with our customers.

What our customers are saying about FactorFox software

“Great facilitation by FactorFox!  We have been using FactorFox for more than 4 years now.  They make it easy for us to certify that everything runs smoothly. Professional, helpful, and active listeners understand our requirements, and are able to implement when requested.”

Raj Parikh,

“Besides tracking our everyday factoring transactions flawlessly, the web based reports are fantastic. It allows my clients to receive up to date, online reporting with the information they need. Thank you for being such a tremendous asset to my business!.”

Don D’Ambrosio,

Cloud-Based Service vs. Purchasing Software

Few factoring companies take the time to determine the cost when implementing technology decisions. Purchasing self-contained software and hardware is not only costly, but both become obsolete within a few years. For instance, purchasing or leasing software forces costly upgrades in hardware to stay in business. In addition, these types of software systems often involve hidden costs that do not surface until AFTER you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is not true when factoring companies decide to use the #1 cloud-based factoring software provider, FactorFox.

FactorFox Cloud-Based Features

Invoice Tracking

Track the full life cycle of invoices purchased, enter customer payments, chargebacks, credit memos, write offs, adjustments, and rebates.

Client Login

Client side login allows clients to submit invoices, upload files, post notes, add customers, and access reports.

Document Management

Securely share documents with clients and customers, email attachments with a click, and track the IP address of the recipient.

Automated Collections

Send automated emails to clients and debtors based on days outstanding, and include backup of all attachments.

Integrated CRM

Our integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows our factors to document the due diligence processes performed by staff members.


Our dashboards display the data you need — right at your fingertips — to make credit decisions on clients and debtors.

Portfolio Management

Assign clients and their customers to staff members for more efficient portfolio management, allowing staff members to better serve your clients.

Terminology Customization

Not all factors work the same way, and the words they use in their operations are no exception. User our terminology library to change specific words to suit your operation; for example you can change the word from “customer” to “debtor” — and it’s changed throughout the software.

Terms Wizard

FactorFox has a unique wizard that allows our subscribers to create an unlimited number of discount terms, each very quickly. Just type in your discount term values and click the calculate button. Voila! The term is calculated for all the time buckets you entered. No entering each bucket line by line. Then…apply any discount term you’ve created to a specific client (or as many clients as you want).

FactorFox Enterprise Features

Software Customization

White label FactorFox software! Integrate logins from your website, and build your procedures using our base for a more streamlined software to fit your needs.

Accounting Ledgers

Our subsidiary accounts store debits and credits to help audit and cross reference FactorFox reports with any accounting software.

NACHA Bank Files

Reduce data entry on your bank’s website by generating a NACHA bank file, right from within FactorFox.

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30 Day Free Trial

Begin your free trial now! We include three one-hour training sessions as part of your subscription: there is NO extra cost. You don’t need to pay a penny to see if FactorFox will meet your software needs! Click here to get started now

Unmatched Guarantee

We are confident FactorFox will meet your account tracking needs on both a day-to-day and long-term basis. That means you’re never “locked in” to using FactorFox for a period longer than your current subscription.


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